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I am here for you. We often can't do it alone.

Consider this an invitation to begin to see yourself, your impact on others, and your own potential with more clarity and purpose.


Through a coaching experience of reflection, practice, and action, clients gain a better understanding of themselves and begin to better understand the impact they have on those around them personally and professionally. Through inquiry and gentle provocations and challenges,  my goal as a coach is to help clients build their capacities as leaders as they strive to better serve their organizations as well as those around them. Turning an inward gaze on the physical, emotional, and cognitive domains of human existence enables us to be more aware of how we are showing up for others and determine our impact as leaders.

Coaching can help you:

  • Build stronger relationships with your team and colleagues

  • Step into your role more fully

  • Become  more aware of your impact on others

  • Be more intentional about aligning values and  purpose

  • Achieve more work/life balance

  • Take yourself and your organization to the next level


Facilitating & Consulting

I work closely with you and your team to design  programming  that is tailor made to your needs and your timetable such as Week-end  Leadership Team  Retreats, Day-Long Deep Dives, or a progression of training modules. These learning experiences will be informative, inspiring and interactive.

Facilitating & Consulting can help you:

  • Onboard  new senior level administrators and managers

  • Build trust 

  • Master conflict and decision making

  • Foster accountability  

  • Lead the work on racial equity, inclusion and belonging

  • Navigate change 

  • Support emerging and aspiring leaders


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

A true culture of belonging ensures that all members of the team  know and feel that their voices, experiences and perspectives matter. I will work with you and your team to  create a safe space and a forum for deep learning, honest exploration and open dialogue as we reflect on our own racial and social identities as well as examine the systems and structures  in which we are socialized. Ultimately,  a team that not only values but understands and affirms the diversity of its members is a more effective and innovative team. I can help you get there.      

Diversity & Inclusion Training can help you:

  • Develop an understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion in your life, your relationships and your work

  • Implement strategies to cultivate and sustain a diverse and inclusive team and organization

  •  Ensure that members of your team and organization feel seen and affirmed

  • Create a vision for equity, inclusion and belonging in  your organization and establish action steps and priorities.


DEI Training
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